Blue Meanies Mushrooms 14g


You may  notice a bluish grey colouring to the shrooms especially along the stems. N0! This is not mold but rather bruising that occurs when the mushroom has been handled.



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Blue Meanies are of the cubensis strain and are  considered to be one of the most potent shrooms in the world, containing two – three times the amount of psilocybin (the compound in mushrooms that give you that hallucinogenic effect).

Some of the effects from consuming these amazing mushrooms may include: Feeling uplifted, serene, giggly, energetic, creative, social, vivid colours, and  hallucinations (in larger amounts).

Your experience or trip is going to depend a lot on how much you consume. A mild experience .5 – 1 gram, medium 1.25 – 2 grams, and for the full on hallucinogenic experience 2.5 – 4 grams.

I talked to a friend the other day (that is an avid shroom eater)  he ate four grams and said he was living in a cartoon land.  I personally would start on the mild side especially for someone not too familiar with the mushrooms.

Myself not imbibed in the magical fungi for some 30 years started with 1 gram last summer while being extremely bored during the COVID lockdown? I spent my trip outdoors in the sun, every colour was brighter and beautiful, I felt stress free, and absolutely everything was hilarious. Only side effect was a sore tummy from laughing so much the previous day.

Best to eat shrooms with others that  have also taken them. Kind of a “more the merrier type thing.”

YES! We have temporarily lowered our prices on our Blue Meanie dried mushrooms.  Our wholesaler has given us an unbelievable discounted price due to an over abundance of mushrooms on the market at the time.  We at Holy Bud wish to pass along our savings to you are customers!




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